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Photo by Hilary Mercer at Lindy Focus IX

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Sheila Suarez de Flores and Austin Flores began dancing in March 2003 and January 2006 respectively. South Florida grown dancers, currently located in Paris, France, they continuously travel to dance events around the world in order to expand their dance repertoire. And they love to teach and dj! Teaching since 2007, students love their enthusiastic and motivational lessons.They have a strong background in lindy hop, east coast swing, charleston (20s and 50s), blues and solo vernacular jazz. They as well enjoy balboa, shag, west coast swing, peabody, black bottom & various nonswing dances such as tango.Austin & Sheila are available to teach in English, French, & Spanish. Sheila Suarez de Flores et Austin Flores ont commencé à danser en Mars 2003 et Janvier 2006, respectivement. Danseurs du sud de la Floride, actuellement situé à Paris, France. Ils ont en permanence de voyage à la danse des événements autour du monde afin d’élargir leur répertoire de la danse. Et ils aiment à enseigner et DJ! Enseignement depuis 2007, les étudiants aiment leurs leçons enthousiastes et de motivation.Austin et Sheila sont spécialisés dans le Lindy Hop, East Coast Swing, Charleston (20s et 40s), le blues et le jazz vernaculaire solo. Aussi, ils savent le Balboa, le Shag, West Coast Swing, le Peabody, le Black Bottom et de diverses danses comme le tango d’Argentin.Austin et Sheila sont disponible à enseigner dans anglais, français et espagnole.


Contact Sheila and Austin to teach especially if you are interested in:

  • Fundamentals of Social Dance, Lead Follow Techniques.
  • Musicality and Improvisation
  • Solo Charleston/Vernacular Jazz
  • Vintage Jazz Routines such as Big Apple, Shim Sham and Tranky Doo
  • Progressive Dance Instruction in Lindy Hop, East Coast Swing or other swing partner dances.
  • Foot Work Variations
  • Dips and Tricks
  • Creativity exercises in Dance
  • Walk in Beginner Lessons
  • Choreography and Performance Technique
  • Private Lessons tailored to your interests and your growth as a dancer
  • Wedding Dance Lessons/Choreography

Dance Resume

Whether individually or as a group the SHOUT! Swing Team has participated in the following:

Instructed at

DJ’d at (blues and swing)

Dance Troupes

  • Swingtastic, 2003-2005: Jensen Beach, FL
  • UCF Battle Knights, 2007: Orlando, FL
  • Orlando City Dippers, 2007-2009: Orlando, FL
  • SHOUT! Swing, Since 2009: Orlando, FL


  • Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom 2004: Orlando, FL
  • Walt Disney World Down Town Disney 2004: Orlando, FL
  • Taste of Celebration 2007: Celebration, FL
  • Music Idol 2007: Daytona, FL
  • July 4th Celebration 2008: Celebration, FL
  • July 4th Celebration 2009: Celebration, FL
  • July 4th Celebration 2010: Celebration, FL
  • ORLX 2009, 2010: Orlando, FL
  • Various Charity Community Shows


  • Gulf Regionals 2007: Spirit Award
  • Gulf Regionals 2007: 3rd Place Endurance Award
  • Lindy Focus 2007: 2nd Place in Pro-Am
  • S.O.L.A. 2008: 1st Place Slow Lindy
  • S.O.L.A. 2008: 1st Place Tie for Alternative Dance
  • Southern Belle Swing Bash 2009: 2nd Place Solo Charleston (Sheila): Video
  • S.O.L.A. 2010: 1st Place Medium/Fast Lindy
  • CHEX 2010: 1st Place Solo Charleston
  • S.O.L.A. 2012: 1st Place Gender Bender
  • Various placements in Jack ‘N Jills

Workshops Attended

  • Blues with Solomon Douglas and Noni 2006: Orlando, FL
  • Gulf Regionals 2006, 2007: Orlando, Fl
  • Jammin’ on the James 2006: Richmond, VA
  • Swing Orlando Swing! 2007: Orlando, FL
  • Boston Tea Party 2007: Boston, MA
  • Battle of the Cities 2007: Orlando, FL
  • Frankie Manning 2007: St. Petersburg, FL
  • Blues out of Bounds 2007: Miami, FL
  • Swing Jaam 2007: Jensen Beach, FL
  • Harvest Moon Melee 2007: Nashville, TN
  • Sun State Jam 2008: Orlando, FL
  • Swing And Soul 2008: Atlanta, GA
  • Frankie Manning’s 95th Birthday Celebration 2009: NYC, NY
  • Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown 2009: New Orleans, LA
  • Swing Dance USA 2006, 2007, 2010: St. Petersburg, FL
  • Southern Belle Swing Bash 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010: Atlanta,GA
  • Lindy Focus 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010: Asheville, NC
  • Swing Into Spring 2010: Columbia, SC
  • Paris Jazz Roots Festival 2013: Paris, France
  • Herrang 30 1/2 – 2013 – Week 5: Herrang, Sweden

Dance Exchange Events Attended

  • ATLX 2009: Atlanta, GA
  • Blues ‘N Soul Experience 2008, 2009, 2010: Orlando, FL
  • CHEX 2010: Charleston, SC
  • SoFlex 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011: Miami, FL
  • ORLX 2009, 2010, 2011: Orlando, FL
  • DubLX 2012: Dublin, Ireland
  • LLX 2013: London, England
  • PLEX 2013: Paris, France

Events Worked On

  • Co-coordinator – Swing Orlando Swing! 2007: Orlando, FL
  • Main Coordinator – Perfecting Your Lindy Hop with Bill Borgida 2008: Orlando, FL
  • Web Developer/Committee Member – ORLX 2009: Orlando, FL
  • Housing/Committee Member – Blues ‘N Soul Experience 2009: Orlando, FL
  • Housing/Committee Member – ORLX 2010: Orlando, FL
  • Housing/Committee Member – ORLX 2011: Orlando, FL
  • Treasurer/Committee Member – PLEX 2013: Paris, France